Well, history and present — modernization.

There is how Search Engines Rank something:

SEO Ranking Factors

Source: searchmetrics

As you can see Social Media Plays an Important role in today's Ranking!

Of course even Backlinks, Relevant Terms, Click-Through-Rate and SEO-Visibility helps but other so-called “SEO Services” give you just one thing: Backlinks!

That's 1 out of 11 Ranking Factors!

What do we do? Help you fulfill 9 out of these 11 Ranking Factors!

This answers what is so different about us!

There are a billion SEO Services out there, correct. Is there a Perfect one? Nope.

We are 5 Friends (2 From Germany, 2 from the USA and 1 from Australia) and we are all into  Affiliate Marketing, CPA and have Website Based Businesses.

We spent over $400 trying to rank something using some “popular” SEO Services and it just did not work. That's when we decided to create a SEO Service — that works!

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